How to Enhance your Dog Pictures with Matting!

A question you might ask is, should  I mat my dog's photo?  Why should I mat my photos at all?  Matting serves to help draw the eye toward your frame or a specific element of your photo.  It can also help protect your photo from moisture, by creating a barrier space between your photo and the glass.  Since mats are quite thin, you can easily stack one on top of another, giving it a 3-D look.  Matting can enhance or take away from your photo, depending on different circumstances.

Most of the time matting will enhance your photo, but under certain circumstances it doesn't.  In the case very wide frames, matting may not help and can even distract from your picture. There are many resources to help you determine if you should mat your pictures or not.  Whether you do mat or not, picking the right Frame is very important.  This site is design to help you find the right dog picture frame.  Check out our selection of Dog Picture Frames to accent your dog's picture.  The picture below would be enhanced with a frame and matting.

Pictures, of your dog, like this don't come along everyday, so protect them with Dog Picture Frames